CAS (China Association for Standardization) was established in 1978, registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. CAS is a national association voluntarily formed by organizations and individuals engaged in standardization work. It is under the operational guidance of the State Administration of Market Regulation and Standardization Administration of China, and is a group member of the China Association for Science and Technology. CAS launch it’s business in the areas of academy research, standards develop and revision, technical exchanges, standardization popularization and training, consultation services, journal publication, conformity assessment, etc.. CAS has 14 professional branches including metallurgical, chemical, fiber, car, electrical etc, and 12 working committees. CAS has established 3 standardization evaluation systems to serve society and members. They are evaluation system of enterprise good standardized practice, standardized personnel capacity evaluation system and competency evaluation system for project management personnel. CAS bears 5 SAC/TCs or SCs: SAC/TC118 (Reference material), SAC/TC258 (Lightning protection), SAC/TC319 (Cleanrooms and associated controlled environment), SAC/TC343 (Project management) and SAC/TC554/SC1 (Product of geographical indication). CAS also work as the mirror committee of ISO/PC 337(Gender Equality). CAS undertakes Chinese Secretariats of PASC (the Pacific Regional Standards Conference), Northeast Asia Standardization Cooperation Forum, and the Chinese National Platform on VSS, and is a member and Board of Director of IFAN (International Federation of Standards Users).

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